Photos in time for Christmas!

We're really excited to see
you this Christmas and
create memories you'll
cherish forever!

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Every Weekend this December

Early Booking *24-26*


TropicBUZZ Studio (Opp- Rubberband Tire)
76 Montrose Avenue, Nassau Bahamas

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Dress code

Black-tie optional, Effort required
Match the energy of our (2) set offering.

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Our 2 Looks
& Holiday Props


Traditional design with, Panel Walls, Bolster Bench, and Nutcracker.

Studio Look

Modern Design
with Infinity Wall, Posing Boxes, and Ornaments.

Prop #1 Nutcracker

Four foot tall handcrafted Nutcracker from Erzgebirge, Germany.

Prop #1 Ornaments

Large 25/50'' Ornament Balls for a Gleeful & Joyful time.

Prop #2 Christmas Tree

Design influenced by Toy Soldiers & Seashells.

Prop #2 Pose Box

A staple in high key
studio photography.

Prop #3 Bolster Bench

Timeless vintage art and an essential for a holiday photos.

Prop #4 Giant Teddy

4' ft Teddy plus other Christmas and New Years props.

Prop #4 Posing Ornament

A variety Ornament
balls from 20-60 inches in sizes & colors.

Get Ready!

Pro Photographer

Roderick Wells

Roderick delivers photos of exceptional quality, expertly capturing pivotal moments unquestionably well.

Pro Photographer

Rashad Smith

Rashad produces photographs of remarkable quality, super energetic and he's great with kids. Basically he's baby shark with superb camera skills!

Photography Assistant

Georgia Holowesko

Georgia specializes in studio photos, deeply dedicated to achieving the perfect shot. She's also a talented photographer in her own right.


Juanita Rolle

Juanita is a kaleidoscope of positive vibes & all things Christmas; she's here to spread the love to your social media this year. #JingleBellSnap🫰🏾


Leah Davis

Leah is a virtuoso in marketing she crafts unforgettable experiences and weaves compelling narratives.



TropicBUZZ is our gracious host for this December event you will get to meet there staff 5 star customer service.


1st - 3rd view future date at


Friday & Saturday

Bookings from 9:00Am – 8:00 PM



4th - 7th view future date at

Booking at 7:00 PM

Monday | More Time, No Rush

Booking at 7:00 PM

Tuesday | More Time, No Rush

Non-alcoholic beverages are available.

Booking at 7:00 PM

Wednesday | More Time, No Rush

Non-alcoholic beverages are available.

Booking at 7:00 PM

Thursday | More Time, No Rush


Call Support 1-242-815-1BUZ (289)

You have questions, we have the answers!

Can I bring my Kids?

Yes; Nana needs a break this is a family affair. Immediate family consisting of Husband, Wife and kids. Additional members of your extended family i.e cousin, aunt, in-laws will not be recognized as immediate family.

How long until i get my Photos?

Our goal is for everyone to receive their photos before Christmas Day. This also goes for the gifts to be won in our raffle which will be delivered on Christmas day.🎄

Should i come ready to take photos?

Definitely come ready, stay ready actually get ready from the night before. Session are 39 minutes and 58 seconds that's not a lot of time when kids are involved.😅

How much is A Photoshoot here?

"Jingle Bell Snap" photoshoot is $499.00 and it includes 40 minutes of studio time, a choice between (2) sets, 25 images, and (1) entry in our Christmas raffle. Additionally discounts on large photo printing will be provided by our friends over at Bahaprintz.

$500 is out of my Budget, What can i do?

Ask us about our pay later option, It allows you to pay a lesser amounts via any major credit card until $515.00 is reached. This will be the best experience you've ever had we don't want you to miss it.

What time should I arrive?

Arrive a minimum of (1) hour before your scheduled booking as the Christmas season can be unpredictable and if you are late you will lose your booking that day.